Auto Digital Arm Cuff Blood Pressure Monitor Large Home BP Machine InBody BP170


Model: BP170 Home Blood Pressure Monitor (0~300mmHg)

Made in Korea(south) InBody

Include: BP-170 + M Size Cuff(22~32mm) +Pouch +  Battery
+ Manual(Korean) + Not Included AC Adaptor

Shipping: Registered Mail( Tracking number, Insured )



The InBody blood pressure monitor for domestic use (model: BP170), has improved in convenience and accuracy and takes into consideration the characteristics of the middle-aged and the elderly, who are main users. In particular, it applies the automatic one-touch cuff method. When the user presses the cuff on his / her arm, it automatically wraps around, according to the arm size.

This method has improved the accuracy in measurement by injecting an appropriate amount of air. This is an improvement from the existing method in which the pulse wave extraction was inaccurate due to the loose and hard to wear cuff when measuring blood pressure by oneself.

Further, since the pulse wave is extracted from the process of increasing the pressure, it estimates the user’s systolic blood pressure value in advance, which allows it only to put pressure to an appropriate level. It is equipped with a large screen where you can see all the information at a glance, and the family can manage blood pressure together as it can store up to 100 blood pressure values of two users.





 blood pressure monitering system




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